Diagnostic Solutions for Dairy Cattle

Common in cows with prolonged antibiotic/penicillin treatment. These fungi are introduced during preparation of infusions. However, even heifers that have never received intrammamry infusions may also develop yeast mastitis

Cows that fail to heal may develop destructive mastitis. Certain strains of yeasts cause only limited inflammation but can be detected by TempComply with just one use.  TempComply can help monitor the application of a reduction in contact between the teat dip container and the teats when treating the cows.

Combine AI and TempComply to help the animals heal in 1 week.

Easily detect the severe infection and high fever.

When used at the right time in the disease’s progression, TempComply help inform veterinarians and farmers a more complete picture of the infection and catch it before it spreads to the herd. This can help them detect disease earlier and make management decisions much faster to stop the spread of disease and, ultimately, save money.