San Francisco, Ca. – Monday, May 25, 2020 – TEMPCOMPLY announced Tuesday they are launching the third of 3 planned Pilot Programs for their workplace safety application, the newest app that’s become wildly popular with employers anxious to get their employees back to work amid global health concerns. TEMPCOMPLY has been widely touted as the most important tool for employers in the complicated battle of reopening businesses and getting employees back to work safely.

“When our Company began to automate this workflow in 2015, we were focused on the food service industry. From there, we evolved – working with other enterprise customers to discover how we could apply our technology and workflow to their specific industry and use-case. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we immediately began to work to apply our solutions to solve problems. We’re happy to have such great feedback that we’re helping getting people back to work”, said a spokesperson for the company last week.

In June the company will launch its final pilot project, targeting the specific challenges companies, contractors and their partners are facing as they work to comply with rules, recommendations, and employee angst amid the COVID-19 crisis. Although the company cannot yet be disclosed, TEMPCOMPLY says they’ve partnered with a multinational, and award-winning leader in its field. The work will span 4 separate job sites in the bay area, with a goal to reduce stress on the employee, the supervisors, and ultimately save time and lower liability.

Already in Pilot are two other companies, one tied to government contracting located in the Washington, DC area and the other a telecommunications company in South Florida. There’s a solution for everyone, and they’re highly customizable, which has afforded the Startup a lot of attention from investors.

According to the website, TEMPCOMPLY.COM, the workplace enterprise product will be widely commercially available by June 1.