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COVID-19 Business Office / General Office

Business Office / General Office Covid19 Features: We began our Pilot Projects for business offices in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Through these programs, we’ve learned from the needs of business owners and are able to deliver and easy to use product that provides compliance while minimizing risk and liability. [...]

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COVID-19 Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment Perhaps one of the most challenging verticals, Arts & Entertainment solutions must be flexible and scalable on the fly. Our solution was designed with input from the industry, which means that every feature is designed to reduce risk and promote consumer confidence. Want to know what TEMPCOMPLY can do for [...]

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COVID-19 Agriculture Solutions

Agriculture Safety We have been providing custom solutions for agriculture since 2015. In response to community needs related to the Coronavirus global pandemic, we now offer an out of the box solution for agricultural businesses.  Please click here to schedule a call with a TEMPCOMPLY team member from your region who can discuss [...]

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TEMPCOMPLY Launches Pilot Program for Workplace Safety Amid COVID-19 Concerns

San Francisco, Ca. – Monday, May 25, 2020 – TEMPCOMPLY announced Tuesday they are launching the third of 3 planned Pilot Programs for their workplace safety application, the newest app that’s become wildly popular with employers anxious to get their employees back to work amid global health concerns. TEMPCOMPLY has been widely touted as [...]

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Dairy Cow Yeasts and Mold Detection

Diagnostic Solutions for Dairy Cattle Common in cows with prolonged antibiotic/penicillin treatment. These fungi are introduced during preparation of infusions. However, even heifers that have never received intrammamry infusions may also develop yeast mastitis Cows that fail to heal may develop destructive mastitis. Certain strains of yeasts cause only limited inflammation but [...]

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Mastitis In Cows: Detection, Treatment And Prevention Measures

Diagnostic Solutions for Dairy Cattle Mastitis in cows can be a very complex illness since the farmer may not be able to detect it during its subclinical phases. This is to say that the herd may have mastitis without showing any signs and symptoms. At this stage, the disease can spread very fast [...]

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