COVD-19 Restaurants / Hospitality Solutions

Restaurants / Hospitality The stress of running a business is heavy, but the stress of the restaurant and hospitality industry is unmatched in the age of Coronavirus. We have solution options that will save you valuable time and insure compliance. Our restaurant and hospitality solutions are scalable, customizable and easy to use. Let [...]

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COVID-19 Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate Whether you’re visiting the agent or broker’s office, or viewing or showing real estate, safety needs to be the priority for both clients and real estate professionals. We have tailored solutions to provide enhanced safety and confidence, while ensuring compliance with reopening mandates. Contact a TEMPCOMPLY team member in your region [...]

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COVID-19 Personal Services Solutions

Personal Services We are proud to have partnered with a variety of companies representing the Personal Services industry. Through our Pilot Programs, we’ve been able to tailor our solutions to the unique problems facing the business providing Personal Services like hair & nail salons, spas, barber shops, tattoo parlors, pet grooming and boarding, [...]

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COVID-19 Industrial / Warehouse Solutions

Industrial / Warehouse Many industrial and warehouse workers are essential. Employees and contractors need to be protected while working – and businesses must maximize safety and lower liability to reduce risk of exposure, outbreak of closure. TEMPCOMPLY has easy to use solutions built for your needs – click here to contact us for [...]

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COVID-19 Government Solutions

Government Secure and guaranteed to work, our solutions are state of the art and reliable. We will work with your team to customize a solution that will provide the data you need, in real time and when you need it. We understand from our extensive experience working with government agencies that each organizations [...]

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COVID-19 Faith Based Organizations Solutions

Faith Based Organizations Listening to our Pilot Programs partners led to the creation of a solution that takes into consideration the unique challenges facing faith-based organizations. We understand by working with faith-based organizations that you have unique needs in staying compliant and managing that stress – click here to connect with a TEMPCOMPLY [...]

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COVID-19 Education / Day Care / Day Camp Solutions

Education / Day Care / Day Camp Whether you are a school district or a small daycare center, through our Pilot Partnerships we have launched products we will customize to meet your specific situation. Easy to use, stress reducing and scalable, our products will promote confidence and reduce risk. Contact one of our [...]

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COVID-19 Construction Solutions

Construction Our first Pilot Program began in the construction industry. We’ve partnered with some of the most prestigious construction and construction services businesses in the world to create a solution that addresses the unique and specific needs of the industry. We serve construction companies and projects from small to very large – our [...]

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COVID-19 Business Office / General Office

Business Office / General Office Covid19 Features: We began our Pilot Projects for business offices in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Through these programs, we’ve learned from the needs of business owners and are able to deliver and easy to use product that provides compliance while minimizing risk and liability. [...]

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