AGTech Solutions

TEMPCOMPLY™ software runs on all mobile phones available worldwide and use built in AI to metric and alert users to changes in quality and environment that can effect farming and food distribution operations. We know that food safety technology must be data driven to produce results that are immediately actionable.

  • Data Driven – Sampling quickly and regularly makes our system quick to respond to issues.
  • Results Orientated – Animal agtech companies need to react quickly to weather and environmental changes when they happen.
  • Research Led – Understanding the changing world of animal agtech companies is the key to our success.
  • Communicate – Work with teams using audio, video, and screen-share for immediate collaboration across any distances.

Discovery AI

Is your herd experiencing a fever or other environmental issues affecting the health and success of operations?
Animal AGTech companies need to understand the health of the environment of the animals they raise quickly.  The key to solving any problem on the farm is to act continuously and to monitor a situation using manned or unmanned systems.   AI based FLIR advanced analytics from TEMPCOMPLY™ is the ideal platform to manage this risk.  TEMPCOMPLY™ can be combined with operations and long standing best practices to improve operational overall success.

Yeast & Mold Detection
Masitis Detection


AI based training of data is key to understanding long term data trends.  Our tool-set bolts onto a smart phone and uses cloud based AI to trend and understand changes in operations anywhere in the world.  We build operational intelligence for farming and food safety companies available worldwide today.

Our software empowers users to visualize the impacts of temperature differences across animal subjects to generate line profiles over time versus temperature and plots from several data points to improve animal and enterprise health standards.

Discover The Future

TEMPCOMPLY™ is a multi-disciplinary food safety laboratory committed to farming solution discovery.

TEMPCOMPLY™ is a division of T.E.G., Inc., providing customers with customized and comprehensive leading edge technology solutions.

Application Development Experts  The award winning TEG suite of proprietary technologies and integration processes, combined with our experience and deep understanding of our clients’ needs, enables us to offer a wide range of tailored solutions. Our consulting engineers have decades of development and operations experience.  TEG has been innovating with FLIR technologies since 2013.


It all starts with your vision…